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Things to do in Lollove

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A day in Lollove

On this day you will learn how to make typical dishes of the village, taste local products and discover anecdotes and curiosities of Lollove, entering its most hidden alleys.

what will you do

• A guided tour of the village to discover its history.

• A walk to discover the ancient paths that overlook the village.

• An artisanal cooking workshop able to let you touch the freshness of the products with your hand.

• You will taste the products you make together with the other delicacies of our farm during lunch in the inn.


• 9:30 am: Welcome to the village (meeting point at the entrance to the village).

• 10:00: Historical-cultural guided tour of the village lasting 40 minutes. We will visit the Church, the views and some places that have characterized the history of the village.

• 10:45: Artisan workshop of pasta making, bread making or cheese making according to the ancient Lollovese traditions, lasting 1 hour and a half.

• 12:15: Aperitif at the Lollovers Inn.

• 12:45: Lunch.

• 15:30: Walk through the paths above the village to discover Binzas lasting 1 hour and a half.

• 17:00: Greetings from the village.

Duration: 7 hours and 30 min


Full (11-99): € 100

Reduced (6-10): € 40 (Experience suitable for children from 6 years old)

thinks to do

Digital Detox

Imagine being able to experience the daily life of a small medieval village firsthand, between educational workshops and the nature that distinguishes it! Phones or any other technological tool, due to the absence of a signal, are practically useless. Go back in time and become a local even for a short time.


what will you do

• A guided tour of the village to introduce you to your new countrymen

• A walk in the countryside to visit the surrounding nature

• A cooking workshop to discover the secrets of the village tradition

• You will help an inhabitant of the village to carry out a daily activity such as milking and then making cheese or kneading and then making bread

• You will taste the products you made together with the other delicacies of our inn (2 lunches and a dinner)

How would you like to spend your vacation? We are ready to listen to you in order to design it tailored just for you. Contact us to organize your schedule.

Duration: 2 or 3 days

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